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Christmas in New York

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Born in 1948 ...  Elk City, Oklahoma to Sue McLendon Cain and Hugh E. (Pete) Cain.  Raised in New Mexico, Texas and Mississippi.  Received a degree in Music and Education from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1970.  Graduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 1974-75.

Taught Music and Education until 1985 in Canada and Wisconsin.  

Retired in March of 2012.  Lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with spouse, Renee Marie LaPlante (Cain), Jazz (the dog) and Callie (the cat).  

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You will find my music to be humorous, cinematic, derivitave, organic, free formed, moist and warm, cold and hard, energetic, chaotic, lyrical and poetic, thin and light, dark and heavy, and so it goes,   Creating these musical pictures has been and continues to be a great source of fun.  Some days I feel like a cave man whacing away at the wall with a hammer and chisle.  It is to my advantage that I never studied music seriously ... otherwise I would have given up a long time ago.