*This page is dedicated to those who have dedicated their lives to the often thankless    persuit of being  a music educator.     I salute you!  And say "Thank You!".

       Music for Winds, Brass and Percussion

A Frantic Suite:  1 mp3 2 mp3   3  mp3   4  mp3

A Dallas Wind:  I  mp3  II  mp3  III  mp3

LHM: the Gulag Pictures  aiff   mp3

Jerusalem: 1  mp3

Copelandscapes: 1 mp3 2 mp3  3  mp3  4 mp3

B. Suite:  1 mp3 2  mp3

Festive  aiff  mp3

A Hero's Welcome  aiff  mp3

Mountain Intervals  aiff  mp3

4 Sea Shanties:  1 mp3 2 mp3 3 mp3 4  mp3

Abide with me: 1 mp3 2 mp3 3 mp3 4 mp3

  A Renaissance Wind des Prez/Cain  aiff  mp3

  Gallans  Qui Par Terre di Lasso/Cain  aiff  mp3

  La Deploration des Prez/Cain aiff  mp3