Without Words Music can paint a picture ... “Pictures At An Exhibition”.  Each of these movements attempts to conjure up  a visual image by using an ambient introduction evoking the spirit of the piece.


   walking through the woods on a rainy evening ... you come upon a gathering of nomadic people ... and a flamenco style dance begins.  Classical sounds and structure once you get through the woods.

East River  

   a young man in the presence of a young lady ... she is of the East, he is from the West ... he  declares his intentions ... and is rebuffed.  Pentatonic free form ....


   an ageless haunting melody filled with unrequited longing ... a sad rejected soul in a religious setting.  Adaptation of Bach’s arrangement ... always copy the best.


   Floating through a curtain of falling water, you enter an underground grotto.  Reflections of a beautiful cavern complete with glistening pools and natural pillars ascending to the luminous ceiling.  Contemporary at the time ... free form.

The Quiet Mountain:    

   walking the dog on a cool crisp morning through rolling foothills, you discover a village shrouded in a gentle fog slowly revealing itself to the New World.

An Ill Wind  

   dramatic contrast to the gentle hills ... we are exposed to the decay that is always just around the next corner.  Avante Guarde ... you can put an “e” on anything.

In A Quiet Way:  

   is a Jazz improvisation dedicated to the late Miles Davis‘ “In a Silent Way”.

East River Reprise:    

   more musical ideas generated by the pentatonic themes of the earlier movement.

Home To Renee  

   a Spiritual “going home” to the one we love and cherish the most ... for ever.

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